Grout Cleaning, Sealing & Coloring_____________________________

Not all grout services are created equal, but there are no grout services that compare to NuTech.

NuTech Stone Restoration provides the following services for Ceramic and Porcelain Tile:

Tile Grout Cleaning

Cleaning grout effectively is not just a once over facade with steam like the carpet cleaning companies offer.  When we clean the grout it will look as good as new, and most of the time better than new.  Not only does it look great, but after we restore it, we seal it.   

Our process:

  • Fully clean the tile and grout: Not only do we fully clean the grout.We also hand detail at floor level with professional, high quality products and employees.
  • Grout Coloring: When our thorough and detailed cleaning is finished, there may be some problem areas that just don’t want to look new.  For these minor occurrences, we use grout colorants which are hand mixed on site to get your grout to the perfect matching color.
  • Grout Repairs: Included with every (NuTech) grout cleaning, any grout that is chipped, cracked, or missing is replaced.
  • Grout Sealing:  We are not satisfied once we have your grout looking new.  To complete the job, we will use our high-quality impregnator sealer to seal your grout and protect it from stains, dirt, oil, and any other contaminants you could throw its way.  It isn’t finished until it’s sealed. 
Here at NuTech we pride ourselves on being a long established company that employs highly trained and experienced personnel.  Our staff will provide superior results and one of the most effective cleaning and maintenance solution on the market.  Our goal is to deliver protection, beauty, and durability to your grout and stone for years to come.

Tile Grout Sealing

Here at NuTech Stone Restoration one of our goals is to keep it looking cleaner longer.  One way we accomplish that is with our top-quality grout sealing services that protect from stains, dirt and discoloration.  When we seal your grout to maximize resistance from all contaminates, we use only the highest quality sealer and application equipment the market can offer.  Next to providing the highest level of protection, we aim to provide the highest customer satisfaction.

New Installations

To provide the best, your new tile will be thoroughly cleaned and detailed by  hand and prior to our high-quality impregnator sealer. The texture and appearance of the grout or tile will never be affected by a properly applied quality impregnator sealer.

Existing Grout

Just like everything one owns, it is necessary to maintain proper cleaning to keep things looking new.  Sometimes however, it is necessary to periodically reseal the existing grout.  This is because sealers break down and become less effective over time.   Things that will affect the speed of sealer break down includes but are not limited to regular wear, cleaning procedures, and proximity to water.  To achieve a good seal durability, we provide a thoroughly clean surface for the sealer to bond to. 

Tile Grout Coloring Services

One easy way to enhance the beauty of your tile is to simply make the grout beautiful.  When your grout can no longer be helped by cleaning, grout coloring is the answer.

Benefits to coloring:

  • The look and feel of your floor, shower, countertop or other tiled surface can look and feel like new.

  • It provides an outstanding alternative to re-grouting once a deep stain or other damage has taken root.

  • Our coloring system can be used to seamlessly match any new or existing installation.

  • It provides future protection from future stains, oils, and other contaminates that may ruin your beautiful masterpiece.

  • Epoxy-based, available in practically every color, and extremely durable, grout colorant works and looks so well the only difference one will find is that it repels dirt and stains better than the traditional impregnator sealer.

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